Computer Support Specialist                  

"21st Century Technical Support"
"My business computer containing all my customer files was frozen and unresponsive because of a virus. Remotely and talking to me over the phone Mike backed up and saved all my important data. After my data was safe he  re-installed Windows back to the factory condition and  restored all my files. He also installed an email client similar to Outlook (but free) and the printer (which I had lost the CD for so he went online and found the information for my particular printer).
Mike was very helpful and made the whole process easy to understand. He is knowledgeable, skilled and patient. The best part is I didn’t have to leave my office and he is in Florida and I am in California! The price is a bargain considering you're paying for a professional service that would have cost over a hundred dollars from the other geeks out there."

          Llani Corona - Sacramento, CA. [Owner at A Time To Heal - Massage & Family Constellations (530) 673-4530]